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About Us

The head office of Rich Mass (HK) Limited was established in Hong Kong (registered at RICH MASS (HK) LIMITEDWORKSHOP 01FLAT B,19/FGOODWILL INDUSTRIAL BUILDING36-44 PAK TIN PAR STREETTSUEN WAN NEW TERRITORIES). Its business covers the world and has achieved steady growth based on its strength. Provide professional global financial services to investors around the world. Richmass has an experienced investment advisory team and a large customer base. Richmass provides individual clients, institutional clients and private enterprises with a comprehensive range of products and services, including brokerage investment advisory services, comprehensive financial and cash management, etc., which is superior to its peers. It occupies a leading position in precious metals, foreign exchange, and commodity services. With its thorough understanding of the international market, focus and commitment to customers, and continuously innovative financial solutions, WINS International has won the trust of corporate and institutional investors. Richmass also provides information consulting services to investors. Its vast international network helps provide customers with personalized investment services that meet their needs, thereby maintaining an absolute advantage in today's highly competitive market.